Review: Boxie April Box

Okay so I have a confession to make… I have a weird obsession with subscription boxes yet have never actually ordered one.
“But Steph,” you may argue, “How can you have an obsession with something you’ve never ordered?”
Well, dear reader, the answer is simpler than you think. I’m obsessed with watching unboxings and reviews, but too damn scared to take the plunge and order one for myself because I’m always scared that I won’t feel like I’m getting value for my money. Nevertheless, upon having stumbled across Boxie on instagram, I decided to take the plunge and give it a try. Spoiler alert: I’m glad I did.

Thanks Boxie, you’re gorgeous too!

What is it?

Boxie is a monthly subscription box that has only just been released in Australia. For $31.95 a month, you get 3-4 fashion, lifestyle or accessory items and 2-3 full sized beauty products. You’re billed on the first of each month and can cancel at any time.

Shipping and Communication

I get really nervous with subscription boxes as I’ve often heard lots of complaints with others about the timing of the delivery. I have to admit, being monthly I assumed this box would be sent out early in the month. This is not the case, however, and I know this because the communication that Boxie offers is great. I commented on an instagram photo of theirs around the 20th of the month asking if boxes had shipped yet, and they were quick to reply and let me know that they had. When my box still hadn’t turned up by the 27th, I commented again asking if I should be concerned. Once again, they got back to me super quickly with information about where the tracking said the package was at and reassured me that it would be any day now. Low and behold, it arrived on the 28th.

I really appreciate a company who answers concerns via social media. I know this is a difficult avenue to monitor at times, but I also feel that with the way technology is it’s really important to communicate with your customers this way. In this sense, Boxie gets a big tick from me. Plus, now that I know that they ship boxes between the 15th-20th of each month, I’m less likely to be concerned about it.

The Products and Value

Here’s a list of the products that came in the April Boxie:


With all of these subscription boxes, I am sceptical of the values listed – especially with accessories. This is no exception. I know the RRP of the beauty products is accurate (assuming you don’t buy them on sale, and honestly I always tend to buy drugstore beauty when it’s on special and never any other time because Australian prices are so ridiculous), and I don’t doubt that if you went into a store they would charge you that much for the accessories either, but I’m a cheap jerk who buys my accessories online for cheap. In that sense, there’s no way I’d be paying $20 for either of the necklaces, nor $30 for the clutch. Does that mean they’re not actually worth that much or that Boxie is being inaccurate? Not at all. Just bear in mind that these are unbranded accessories, so you have to make your own call as to the value. That being said, the box itself was $31.95, which means that each item essentially cost me $6.40. Would I pay that much for any of these items? Absolutely – every single one, all day long!

The Items

Candy Clutch Bag Wristlet – RRP $29.95

“Complete your look. Perfect for every day use or a fun night out.”


This is one of those weird serendipitous moments where things kind of just come together. I desperately needed a new clutch, but I really hate not having clutches with wrist straps because that’s how I feel safest (and most convenient) holding my bag when tearing up the dance floor (usually while teetering awkwardly in heels and spilling my drink all over aforementioned clutch with little dignity). I hadn’t found one that was large enough to fit my iPhone 6 Plus and the range of makeup, cards, keys, small kitchen sink, etc. that I usually drag into town with me. This little clutch makes me a very happy Steph indeed because it is so darn convenient. It fits all those things, has a zip (a must for me as I fear my stuff flying out everywhere if I clumsily swing my bag around while thinking I’m dancing sexily whilst actually looking like a beached manatee flailing for freedom), had a wrist strap and is super cute. There’s no tag anywhere to tell me what brand it is or what the material is. I can’t claim it feels expensive, but who cares? It’s functional and it looks great and it’ll be dark in the club anyway.

Marble Statement Dangle Earrings – RRP $19.95

“Big, bold earrings for a special occasion or everyday style.”


These statement chandelier earrings seem to be very on trend at the moment, and it’s a trend I’m totally on board with. These also incorporate marble, which, let’s face it, is the current loom band for the over fifteen demographic. I love the colours in these and they look lovely on. One major gripe – no earring backs! Felt like a serious oversight and I absolutely hate having to swap the backs of my studs around. Grumble. Once again, no branding, and I can’t claim they feel high quality, but they look really chic and they don’t LOOK cheap, so I’ll definitely get lots and lots of wear out of these. Happy Steph is happy.

Double Layer Arrow Pendant Neckalce – RRP $19.95

“Less is more but twice as much is fun with this simple but trendy double layer arrow necklace.”


Okay so we differ in the definition of arrow, but oh gosh. I love this so much I want to weep. I’m so incredibly happy that minimalism is a big trend in jewellery right now (the littl anyone?) because it’s something I absolutely adore. This necklace is gorgeous. It’s simple but with a really chic twist with the double layer and the different textures of the chains. I absolutely adore it and will probably wear this every day, despite usually favouring silver jewellery (honestly, I probably need more gold in my life anyway, especially in Autumn). The only sadness is that my skin reacts with accessories that aren’t precious metals so this will probably turn green on me pretty quickly (no fault of the product itself! Just my skin!) and I’ll be devastated when it’s no longer wearable. Wish I knew where to get it in real gold. So much looooooove *dreamy eyes*

Rimmel Kate Sculpting Palette – RRP $16.95

“As seen on Youtube Star, Lauren Curtis’ April ‘Chat With Me’ video. Rimmel’s first Sculpting and Highlighting Kit by Kate Moss.”


I’m starting to think the people at Boxie are stalking me. I’ve seen this kit popping up a lot on my instagram, and I was stoked to see it in this month’s box. I honestly have more highlighters, blushers and bronzers than I know what to do with at the moment so I really couldn’t justify buying it for myself. Score! I love it when a plan comes together. I can’t comment on how good this is as I’m writing this at night and haven’t had a chance to try it yet, but all reviews I’ve heard have been overwhelmingly positive so I’m keen to give it a go.

e.l.f Essential Total Face Brush – RRP $6.00

“Contour the face and help build gorgeous coverage. Great for quick full-face touch ups.”


This is the only item I wasn’t over the moon about, and not because it’s bad! The brush is lovely and it feels soft and nice. For me, however, I don’t know how much use it will get. I have a set of really high quality makeup brushes so these just don’t get me excited. I feel that it might be useful as a setting brush to powder parts of my foundation, but apart from that I feel that the bristles splay too much and aren’t cut to enough of a shape to be much help. Bear in mind, however, that I’m generally working with Wayne Goss or Rae Morris brushes which are literally over ten times the price of this, so it’s by no means a fair comparison. Despite that, I hear good things about e.l.f and I appreciate their ethics in terms of not being tested on animals and the brushes themselves being vegan appropriate, so I still think it’s a nice inclusion.


So let’s look at the bigger picture:
Good communication from the company? Check.
Accessories and products I liked? Check.
Value for money? Check. As I said, even if I don’t think I’m scoring an ‘oh-my-gosh-too-good-to-be-true’ incredible deal, I would definitely pay $6.40 for each of these products any day of the week.
Brands I like? Partial check, seeing as Rimmel and e.l.f were the only brands actually identified. This would, bear in mind, suggest that you’re not going to see luxury brands in this mix, but for the price tag that really shouldn’t be surprising.
On trend? Big check.

On the whole, I really liked the April Boxie, and I’d definitely like to get another one. Would I order it every single month? Weeeeeeeeeelll… no, I wouldn’t. But in complete fairness, that’s simply because I can’t afford to. If I had $32 to spare each month, I wouldn’t hesitate. I loved the products and I love the feeling of surprise and anticipation. It’s like a birthday present every month! But, realistically, it’s not a luxury I personally can afford. For me, boxes that work on a seasonal basis are a more realistic treat. I already spend a fortune on makeup and skincare alone – accessories are something I update far less regularly as a result, and when I do I tend to do so on the cheap. If you do have the disposable income though, and you enjoy fashion and accessories and beauty, then Boxie is definitely a good option.

What have been your experiences of subscription boxes? Let me know in the comments!

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