Review: Boxie May Box

Hello lovely how-to-girls! If you’ve followed me for a while, then you’ll know that in April I received my first ever subscription box in the form of the Boxie April Box. As I have reviewed this before, head over to that review (linked above) to get my general thoughts on the overall customer service experience.


As a quick refresher taken from my last review:

“Boxie is a monthly subscription box that has only just been released in Australia. For $31.95 a month, you get 3-4 fashion, lifestyle or accessory items and 2-3 full sized beauty products. You’re billed on the first of each month and can cancel at any time.”

So that’s where we’re at. The boxes ship between the 15th-20th of each month. On this occasion, I think they were actually a little late to ship out for reasons I shall explain below. Mine arrived on the 29th of May.

Special Note on May Box:
Boxie had some shipping issues. By the time they needed to ship their boxes, it would seem that the beauty items had not arrived. Rather than making customers wait on their box, Boxie made the decision to ship these items separately. I got the notification that the beauty items had shipped about two days after my actual box arrived, so they weren’t far behind. They ended up arriving about a week after the box.



The Products and Value


Pictured here is the card listing the products this month and their respective value. Once again, I have the same issue with this that I did the last one. For me personally, although I know these are accurate RRPs I don’t actually ever pay that much for accessories or beauty of this variety. Drugstore beauty brands I only purchase when on special, in which case I usually get between 30-50% off the RRP. As for accessories, I usually order online for between $4-10 per piece (depending on the type of accessory). Even if I buy from a retailer in person, I only ever do so when they’re on sale. For me, therefore, just because this is what people CHARGE for these items doesn’t mean it’s what their VALUE is. So instead I come back to the same breakdown I did before. If I think of it in terms of dividing the value of the box by how many items there are, then this time around it’d be approximately $5.35 per item. Would I pay that much for every single one of these items? No, but I would pay more than that for some, so on the whole it balances out and I still feel as though I’ve gotten my money’s worth.

There is one thing about this box that really bothered me though. Although I liked all the products and have no issue with value for money, the theme of this box really irked me. The idea of these fashion/accessory boxes is to get a curated range of items that reflect the styles and trends of the time, right? That way you’re introduced to cool accessories and ideas you can use in your current outfits and thereby learn cool things to add to your personal style whilst keeping up to date and fashion forward, right?

Then why the heck am I getting bohemian themed items days before the Australian winter begins? Don’t get me wrong, if the implication is that bohemian accessories and colours are hot this winter then no worries, but how on earth is a “airy, breezy chiffon” an accessory you’ll be likely to utilise this season? Whilst I love the item itself, to me it is completely inappropriate for the time the box is going out, which consequently completely defies the purpose of a subscription box. Not cool Boxie, not cool.

On a less concerning but still relevant note, I’m also not super keen on the fact that both beauty products this month were cream eyeshadows. Not everyone can wear cream eyeshadows – no matter how good they are, if your skin is oily enough they’re totally useless to you (believe me – I have extremely high quality cream shadows and they still crease). If there had been one of them, no problem, you expect to get some things that won’t work. By having both though and no variety, it renders the beauty products almost entirely useless to some skin types, which is a no-no in my books.



The Items


Aztec Print Chiffon Cover Up – RRP $24.95

Airy, breezy chiffon great as a bikini cover up or to add some boho style to your outfit.


Despite my criticism above, I really like this cover up. It’s seriously cute and has great colours to it. It suits my style really well (and happens to go REALLY well with the marble drop earrings included in the previous month’s Boxie – score!) and is very floaty and sexy. My only issue with it is the timing. Realistically, something this airy is going to be totally useless to me until the weather warms up again. Bummer.


Gold Bar Earrings – RRP $14.95

Sophisticated, modern, minimalistic style. Perfect for every day, every style.


I’m really not sure how these fit into the boho theme (apart from being gold?) but minimalism is my jam right now (and indeed in the jewellery world) so I do like these. I feel, however, that they’re far too plain for anyone to claim they’re worth that RRP. These are $5 earrings, maximum. Less, if I’m honest. I was pleased to note that they had earring backs included this time, so obviously the team at Boxie were extra careful about that this month. Chic and wearable. No complaints.


Pink Daisy Cut Out Watch – RRP $24.99

Stop and smell the daisy’s. Being on time has never been so pretty.


OKAY I’M SORRY BUT I HAVE TO SAY THIS. As an English teacher, I just find it really unprofessional when there are grammatical errors in products like this. It’s not “daisy’s” it’s “daisies”. Everyone makes mistakes, I know, but when you’re putting out a product that people are paying for, take extra care to proofread your work. I’m not perfect by any means, but this is the kind of thing that Word’s grammar check picks up. I know that because when I typed it up I got an instant niggling green line.
Anyway. Okay. So. The item itself.
Well it’s inevitable with these boxes that you’ll occasionally get items that do nothing for you. This is mine. It’s cute, but pink is not a big favourite of mine. I appreciate, however, that it fits with the theme and will pair well with other things so that’s okay. What bugs me is the watch face. I’m a fan of functionality as well as fashion, so watches that are impossible to read accurately frustrate me. What bothers me far more though is the quality of this. Mine arrived faulty. It stops if you accidentally tap the setting dial on the side. If you don’t notice that it’s stopped to give it a few more taps to get started again, then it just stays stopped. I got in touch with Boxie and they were awesome and sent me out a replacement, but to me it screams cheap quality.


Gold Ultra Skinny Drop Bar Necklace – RRP $16.95

Create a hot, fashionable look with this necklace. Layer with other necklaces to make a statement.


And we’re back into my happy zone of minimalist necklaces. Much like last time, I like this a lot. I also like that it will pair well with the earrings included this month, and it would actually probably layer well with the necklace from last month (will have to try that). Again, I can’t imagine a reality where I’d pay $16.95, but it’s chic and on trend and wearable and technically I paid $5.35 for it so that’s just fine with me.


MAYBELLINE Master Smoky Shadow Pencil – RRP $14.95

Longwearing shadow-pencil with built-in smudger. Delivers the perfect smoky eye in rich, smouldering shades that won’t crease or fade.


I have to confess, I haven’t tried this yet. It doesn’t really appeal to me on the basis that with skin as oily as mine, cream shadows will ALWAYS crease, despite company’s claims to the contrary. Plus, when I do smoky eyes, I do minimal black, so using a cream shadow would just ensure that I use too much of it. We’ll see though. I could yet be wrong!


Sally Hansen Crème Eyeshadow – RRP $11.95

Luxe up your lids with super saturated cream-gel shadows.


Pretty colour, but not for me. It’s got a real silver/cool tone to it, and I err towards the warm. Again, I have yet to actually try it as I am sceptical of the lasting power on my greasy lids, but I may yet be proven wrong.




So on the whole I’m less impressed with this round of Boxie than the last, but that’s mainly because the inclusion of something not seasonally appropriate makes me wary. If you’re not actually delivering things that can be worn in the current season then you’re not providing your customers with the “on trend” items you’re meant to. I worry that this would become a recurring problem, which would lessen the appeal of the box on the whole. Similarly, I think variety in the beauty products is essential, so two cream eyeshadows and nothing else strikes me as a misstep. That being said, I still feel that I got value for my money. I still liked most of the products that were included. I still really enjoyed opening it and being surprised by the contents and thinking about which outfits I could use my cool new accessories with.

This is, unfortunately, going to be my last Boxie for a while. As I said in my previous review, whilst I like it quite a lot, it’s not a luxury I can justify every month. Will I order from them again in the future? Almost certainly. But the value for money and product selection is just not wow-inducing enough for me to commit to it every single time. So would I recommend it? As a one-off or an occasional treat to yourself, absolutely. If you have the disposable income to justify it monthly, then by all means. You won’t be getting ripped off and you will enjoy the cool new selections of items. I cannot help but feel, however, that if you had that degree of disposable income you’d be looking to buy more luxury items on a less frequent basis, rather than these relatively budget items frequently. Food for thought.

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