Net-A-Porter Haul!

You know what’s really fun sometimes? Pretending you’re not a real adult and throwing money out the window with reckless abandon as though you’re holding your own personal ticker tape parade. The trick is to do this in a relatively controlled fashion rather than at, say, a Fendi boutique.
This is precisely what I did recently online at Net-A-Porter. Mercifully, despite them stocking a range of brands that would send me into instant bankruptcy, I did manage to control myself. Don’t get me wrong; I definitely spent more than someone who is trying to do the whole “life” thing and save for a house should, but I didn’t add to my almost-abolished credit card debt so I’m calling it a win.
Not only did I pick up a palette, which was the whole reason the site caught my eye, but I also took the plunge and finally took my first steps into the world of Charlotte Tilbury. Sadly, I’m totally hooked.

Kevyn Aucoin

First up, the reason I was on the site in the first place: the new Kevyn Aucoin The Art of Makeup Essential Face & Eye Palette.


When I heard about this palette, I had just recently bought the sculpting powder in medium from Mecca and I was blown away with how awesome it was. Upon seeing the palette and working out how excellent the value is (the palette is $129 and each of the pans is the same, or larger, in size than the individual pans which cost $63 – so basically it’s more than double the value) I knew I had to have it. Besides which, this palette is PERFECT for travel.


Why? Because it actually has everything I need for a face. Most palettes have bronzer, blush and highlight. All great, but what I really need in that mix is a contour shade. I’m of the “never contour with bronzer” school of thought because it looks far too warm and muddy in my eyes, but most manufacturers know that they can tell you their bronzers are awesome and versatile and totally fine to use for both because then they can sell more products yay! I’ve never bought into this idea but the only other palette I know that has a contour shade is some of the limited edition Nars palettes. These have been my go-to travel kits for a while but their contour shades are still a bit warmer than I’d like AND they don’t have eye shadows like this one does.
I have yet to swatch this palette because I want to keep it new until I next travel so that the expiration is a bit longer. In saying that, the quality of Kevyn Aucoin powders is already legendary so I’m not worried. When I do finally open it I’ll post some swatches and reviews because there seems to be absolutely none online anywhere that I can find (sad face).

Charlotte Tilbury

I’ve wanted to try Charlotte Tilbury’s makeup for so long. I kind of wish I’d hated it because it’s pricey but lawwwwwd I am hooked.


My friend and I shared postage and these were her picks:

I am envious of her lip colour. I have every intention of borrowing it to try it out.

Apart from that, I also bought the mini brush set. It’s lovely and the clutch is wonderful (and solid so will actually protect your brushes when travelling SO PLEASE PAY ATTENTION OTHER TRAVEL BRUSH MAKERS BECAUSE GOOD GRIEF WHY IS THIS NEED NOT OBVIOUS). The brushes are very soft, but perhaps not as versatile as I’d like in that they’re almost entirely eye brushes. In saying that, I already have a Mac set of travel brushes which fills in the gaps from this one really nicely (and the Mac eye brushes suck whereas these seem really nice) so between the two I am at last all set with all the brushes I need in a compact form. Sweet.

I also bought the Dreamy Look in a Clutch set.


First of all, lucky I did because when I went to show someone what I’d bought, it turned out it had sold out the day after I bought it – yikes! I’m not overly surprised though. This set is really great value for a nice range of CT products. It was a great pick for an introduction to the brand (if I do say so myself – nice job past Steph).

The kit includes:

  • Luxury Palette: Legendary Muse
  • Mini Legendary Lashes
  • Mini Legendary Eye Liner: Bedroom Black
  • Mini Legendary Lip Liner: Bitten Kiss
  • Hot Lips™: Secret Salma
  • USB with Exclusive Video Tutorial

First of all, THAT PALETTE.


I die. The shadows are absolutely beautiful. I used them for the first time today with some Urban Decay primer potion as a base and they lasted all day. It’s such a soft and pretty look. I love it for an every day look.

As to the rest, the USB is so cute – I can’t wait to take it to work and reuse it apart from just watching the tutorials! I haven’t had a chance to look at the tute itself yet but I’m keen to see how they use the eye shadow. I’m also SO EXCITED to try the lip products as they swatch so beautifully but in typical fashion life is mocking me because I have a wicked cold sore right now so I’m not touching lip products with a ten-foot pole in case I infect them all.
I tried the eyeliner this morning and whilst I absolutely love the look of it, it’s not completely bullet proof. I did find that it transferred a bit by the end of a day of full wear but for the kind of eyeliner it is that’s still pretty impressive on my super oily lids.
On the whole, I’m really pleased I picked this up. There’s really not one dud product in the mix, which is always my fear with these things. I also cannot get over how luxurious the packaging is, especially on the lipstick. Hnng. Get on my face soon pleasekthanks.

On a side note, the service of Net-A-Porter was fantastic. I couldn’t believe how quick the shipping was or how nicely packaged it all was. It was definitely a good way to fulfil the good ol’ “treat yo self!” imperative.

What about you guys? What do you buy when you feel like spoiling yourself?

Until next time!


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