Boobs! A.K.A. Why you should get measured for a new bra and why you should do it at Buxom Envy

So I have a confession to make: when I put on weight, I decided bra shopping was too damn hard. I could not for the life of me find a store that stocked my size (or rather, what I thought was my size). Even on occasions where I’d decided “stuff it!” and been willing to pay a small fortune, I still couldn’t find a damn thing to fit. I was consequently really curious when I heard about Buxom Envy, a store in Adelaide which operates via appointment only.

I confess I was sceptical. Their instagram said they specialised in small back and large cup sizes but I’m a large back and average cup so I wasn’t convinced it would be for me. I shot them a message via Insta asking if they stocked things in my size and was assured that they did, so off I went to make an appointment.

First of all, the store is super warm and welcoming. It’s a very small operation so you don’t have rows and rows of stock to browse through (yet! They’re still new!) but what they do have is absolutely gorgeous. As I walked in, Sue was chatting with the client before me because I’d come a bit early. It was clear from their interactions that Sue is a warm and friendly person who makes her customers feel right at home. The difference she makes to women struggling to find things in their size was clear too – the lady in question informed me that Sue had just totally changed her life as she left!

Sue was an absolute gem during my fitting. I hadn’t really thought about the fact that I’d have to strip down and it was a hot day so I’d come sporting a dress. Sue noticed my discomfort at standing around in my knickers (and yes I know that’s silly when you’re showing someone your boobs anyway but hey) and found me a slip to use as a skirt so I could at least feel a bit less exposed. She sized me up first and it turned out I was wearing a bra TWO WHOLE CUP SIZES TOO SMALL. Yikes. Way to not work the assets Steph. I was also an entire back size out. Given that I was fitted less than a year ago, it really goes to show that you need to check often. More importantly, you need to check with someone who really knows what they’re doing. Sue knew her boobs – I was really impressed with the advice she gave, including tips on how to actually put bras on properly in the first place (yep so I’ve been doing it wrong all these years).

The shop may be small, but I had no issues with range. Sue found me three bras (one sports bra, one every day, one special occasions) that I absolutely loved – I suspect she could have easily found me more but I declined the offer as I had a budget to stick to. I ended up only choosing one as I’m trying to lose weight at the moment and the bras Sue stocks are an investment. You’re likely looking somewhere around the $100 mark, but the quality is exceptional.

I’ve been wearing my new bra for a while now and I absolutely love it. The difference it has made to how my clothes sit is unbelievable.
So if you’re on the hunt for new bras, not sure of your size, or really struggling to find pretty bras to contain your boobs because you’re on the larger end of the cup size spectrum  (regardless of whether you have a teeny tiny back or a larger one like me) and people seem to assume that all you want is some kind of ugly boob-cage, then you should definitely go and see Sue.

I, for one, will definitely be back. Bra shopping just went from something I dread to something I enjoy again. Win win!

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