Brands That Don’t Suck: Kismet Jardin


If you’ve been following me for a while, it won’t come as much of a surprise that Kismet Jardin made this feature. I discovered them back in March at the Bloggers United AU Adelaide event. Since then, they’ve been a regular feature on my otherwise ever-changing skin care routine (I’m generally indecisive, okay? Don’t judge me!). They’re a company that I haven’t tried a huge deal of products from but the ones I have are consistent winners.

The Brand

Kismet Jardin is South Australian owned, which is part of the reason I’m a fan. I like supporting local businesses when I can. As a bonus, they’re also Australian made. Kismet Jardin has a focus on natural products mixed with chemistry in words and phrases that I don’t pretend to remotely understand. They’re a luxury brand but given their ingredients I still think you get good bang for your buck in terms of quality.



Hydra Gem Serum/Primer*` – I wrote a detailed review of this a while back which you can have a read of here. Back then I used it as a primer as well as a serum but these days I tend to use it as a serum and still use a primer over the top (largely due to a change in the foundations I use). I’ve been really impressed that this serum has continued to work a treat for me despite the change in my skin in the last few months. I used to be oily as heck but lately my skin seems to have settled down a lot. I went through a small dry period (noticeably when I’d run out of this and didn’t have money to replace it actually) and now my skin has kind of settled into a weird combo/normal/dry mix with a randomly oily T-zone (and eyelids because why not). I’m super impressed that this product has been consistently helpful throughout. I suspect that the moisture it added to my skin probably helped get rid of some of my oiliness but I changed a lot about my routine in that time so I wouldn’t put it down to this alone. Nevertheless, my skin is the best it’s ever been and this is one of a handful of skin care products I’ve been using consistently so it’s definitely helped! I believe you can still use the code “STEHG30” on this to get 30% off until December 25th. At that price it’s a steal so I’d definitely recommend it!

Celeste Rose Revitalizer Crème* – Confession: I’m picky as hell in moisturisers. There’s really none that I’ve ever used consistently because I constantly get samples of them in Beauty Loop Boxes, various subscription boxes and through random acquisitions I don’t even keep track of. I tell you this because it’s kind of important to understand how rarely I consistently USE moisturisers, let alone that I would repurchase one. This is the exception. I’ve been using this as a night cream for about two months now and I REALLY like it. As I said before, my skin is the best it’s ever been and this has definitely contributed. I honestly think this might have been a big part of what cleared up my random bout of dryness that I went through at one stage. Although this first pot was gifted to me, I’ll be purchasing it out of my own money when I run out. It smells lovely, feels wonderful on the skin and just plain works. The ingredients are all the winners you want to find in your moisturiser so I’m not surprised at its effectiveness. I do find it too heavy to use as a day cream under makeup but it’s an easy winner for the night. As you’ve probably gathered by the name, it has a rose scent to it but I don’t find it overpowering. I’m a fan.



Celeste Rose Mist Facial Spray* – Let me begin by saying there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this product; it’s lovely. It’s just not for me for the simple reason that I don’t use facial sprays. Its scent is relatively strong but pleasant (again, definite rose scent to it which I happen to like but if you’re not it wouldn’t be for you) and it feels refreshing on the skin so would be nice in summer. The simple fact is that I like a matte look in makeup so facial sprays aren’t my thing because they tend to alter that finish. In saying that, it does double as a toner so I should really try it out for that purpose (but I actually don’t tend to use toner oops). If you do like facial mists, however, this might be a winner for you!



Having only tried three products from the Kismet Jardin range so far, it won’t come as a big surprise that I have yet to come across a true miss. For all I know they exist but given their current hit-rate for success, I’m definitely impressed.


Kismet Jardin, although not a company I’ve used a great deal of, is definitely a favourite of mine. The truth is that I love trying out skincare products and go through a truly insane variety (seriously, you should see my bathroom shelf), so the fact that two of their range has made it into my regular routine is saying a lot about their quality.
Have you guys tried this brand? What are your thoughts?

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