March Roundup – All Things How-To-Girl

It’s becoming increasingly apparent that my time to blog is usually crammed in between the twenty different lives I lead and try to pass off as one cohesive loop. I feel that this is a trait that many of us wannabe adults (i.e. people who, by definition of their age, should know how to keep their lives together but are actually faking their way through it all and hoping no one notices they have no idea what they’re doing) share – the constant juggling of work, friends, family, hobbies, interests and shiny things that caught our attention at one point or another. I feel like I consequently haven’t had time to connect with you guys the way I want to. A lot of the time, I want to fill you in on smaller things without spending 2,000 words going into the intricacies of a product or event’s good sides and bad. With that in mind, I decided now would be a great time to introduce this new feature.

Welcome to the monthly roundup, where I’ll be filling you in on whatever happenings of the month I think might make your day a little brighter! Topics will be sorted into subtitles, so feel free to scroll and choose what interests you!

Beauty Buys

March saw the Priceline 40% off Cosmetics sale, wherein makeup lovers Australia wide kind of lose their minds a little bit. I’d love to be sharing a lovely post with you about my haul, but alas and alack it turns out ordering online was a big mistake. Not only did Priceline cancel two items that I’d ordered due to insufficient stock (without telling me – they only notified me AFTER the sale was completed that they were refunding my money without explanation, so I couldn’t even just swing by the store to pick up the missing bits) but they also proceeded to mail me the complete wrong order. Instead of my delightful arrange of makeup goodies, four bottles of hand sanitiser arrived at my home. Delightful.
To compound my frustrations, when they went to send me my replacement order, something else had gone out of stock in the interim. At this point I called it my final straw and got in touch with them again. To Priceline’s credit, they agreed to honour the sale prices and let me reorder what I’d missed out on, BUT the process was fiddly and I still haven’t been refunded the difference in sale costs. To make it worse, they’ve obviously got an issue going on with their ordering system because despite having checked their stock levels before I ordered, two of the items I ordered came up as sold out again and I was refunded again without warning. Priceline’s customer service has been super friendly and helpful throughout this whole process but honestly I just don’t care enough any more to keep stuffing around with it. As a beauty blogger my posts need to be current and the hype over the sale has well and truly died down, so I won’t be bothering with it now. I also won’t be bothering with online orders from Priceline ever again. Huge thumbs down.

Apart from this drugstore haul, I also caved into my usual inability to hold onto my wallet and stopped by Myer and splurged on a few Dior lippies. Aaaaaand okay yes I also bought a new Marc Jacobs lip gloss from Sephora. Stop judging me.

lip additions

The Dior Lip Glow in Berry is currently my new favourite thing. It adds just a little bit of colour (particularly useful since I’ve been sick so my lips have taken on an alarmingly ghostly hue) and feels really comfortable and moisturising. The Dior Hydra-Gel Core Mirror Shine in shade 722 (True) was purely because I absolutely loved the shade. It’s not long wearing but the shade is my perfect your lips but better shade and it’s just so comfortable to wear. The Marc Jacobs gloss (shade “Love Buzz”) was a bit of a disappointment. I absolutely love Marc Jacobs lip glosses but not having a Sephora here in SA means that I have to go in blind. Despite looking up swatches and reviews online, this wasn’t the colour I thought it was. It turned out to have a really holo shimmer to it which makes my lips look a shade lighter, which isn’t the best look on me. This will be fantastic as a top coat but on its own it doesn’t work for me.

Top to bottom: Dior “True”, Dior “Berry”, Marc Jacobs “Love Buzz”


This month was the Bloggers United AU second birthday celebrations at LUSH Rundle Mall. It was a super fun evening where we got to see some LUSH masks being made. We also played a little game and I won myself a gift card. I’d like to say that I feel bad for taking out the prize two years in a row, but frankly I’m a horrible person and extremely greedy when it comes to LUSH products so… yeah okay I suck. Sorry everyone!

Photo courtesy of Now and Then Photography

I absolutely love going to these events. The Bloggers United AU community is so friendly and welcoming. I always have an insane amount of fun whenever I’m with the beautiful community of bloggers here in South Australia. These ladies never fail to make me laugh and smile and I’m so grateful to get to catch up with them all.

Life, Health and Asking for Help

This month was incredibly hard. In fact, it was probably one of the hardest months of my career to date. There’s a lot of reasons why this was the case but part of it is because my health declined in a rather annoying fashion. Some of you would already be aware that I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis late last year and ever since has been a juggling match of different medications and strategies to keep it under control. I’m very fortunate because RA is something that is well known to respond well to treatment, however each of those treatments can take months to take effect so there can be a lot of trial and error in getting the medication right.
One thing that I hadn’t taken into consideration was that the medication used to treat RA suppresses your immune system. When you work in an environment with a lot of children like I do, this can be a problem as you’re constantly exposed to the minor bugs they bring with them. Adding that to the stresses of a new job and a very heavy workload this year, and apparently my body pretty much just went “nope”. Lately I feel like I am constantly jumping from one virus to another, and while they would be minor by themselves, the fact that they’ve been so consistent has made things very difficult. My job doesn’t really allow me to slow down at the best of times but having to push through when feeling consistently under the weather is draining. To make matters worse, the medication that seemed to have finally sent my RA into hiding spontaneously stopped being effective, causing the pain in my hands and joints to come back to bother me.
All of this by itself would have been okay but I put a huge amount of pressure on myself to do well at my job. My career is open ended – the reality is that you could spend literally every waking moment preparing and planning and marking and creating new things and you would still always think of something else you could have done. Being new to this particular work place, I found myself stressing that I wasn’t doing enough even though I was working 60 plus hours a week.
So what’s my point in all this?
Well the bottom line is that I had to swallow my excessive pride and admit I was struggling. My work is an amazingly supportive place and between them and my doctor, we’re looking at strategies to make things easier for me.
I actually can’t even tell you how much I hated having to ask. I absolutely hate admitting weakness at the best of times, but my job is basically my life. I don’t have a partner or kids or much free time to explore my other hobbies. Work is where I pour my heart and soul and I love what I do, so having to admit that I wasn’t keeping up was really painful. And yet… totally worth it. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from me. Not only were my work super supportive and are putting in places strategies to help, I also just feel better knowing that people know what’s going on.

The lesson in all this is that you have to put yourself first. If you need help, ask. You’d be amazed how people can come through when you really need them to.

Upcoming Fun

This month has some pretty big exciting things coming! Some of it I can’t tell you guys yet, but some of the smaller stuff is nonetheless awesome.
In April I’ll be going on my first ever solo camping experience (meep!) and documenting my fun and failures here for you guys. Expect to get a giggle out of that because I don’t think I’ve ever managed a single hike without getting lost thus far.
In the mean time, have a lovely April guys, and I’ll speak to you all soon! xx

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