Sukha Life – Day 3-5 Roundup and Overall Review

I wish I had a snappy and entertaining introductory line for you all today, but alas I’m currently suffering from a cold that’s making me feel like my head is 99% fluid so I’m afraid my brain power is somewhat limited. If you haven’t already seen my review series on Sukha Life (or have no idea what the heck Sukha Life actually is), then firstly I’d recommend you go check out my first post here detailing the business and why I chose to try it, then check out my post here reviewing the first couple of days’ meals. Today I’m going to take you through the last three days’ worth of food and sum up my overall thoughts about the process. It’s a long one so let’s get straight to it!

Day 3


Vanilla, Mulberry and Cacao Granola and Co-yo (coconut yoghurt for those of you unfamiliar with the term)


What can I tell you here? Granola and yoghurt is not exactly a new breakfast combo for me, but it’s one of my staple favourites. This one was tasty, definitely more nutty than fruity and therefore super satisfyingly crunchy and right up my alley. I did notice, however, when pouring it into a bowl that it was probably at least double if not triple the serve I usually make myself, so um let’s hope it was significantly less calories than my usual granola choice because if not I may have eaten like 600+ calories for breakfast alone. Oh wells. Doesn’t count if it’s good for me right?


Mediterranean Quinoa Balls


I actually didn’t eat this one for lunch on Thursday and instead had it a few days later as I found the granola filling enough that I really didn’t feel like having another full meal until dinner time. My hours are kind of all over the shop at the moment though so that wasn’t totally surprising. In saying that, I liked the format of this meal as it was something you could come and graze at as a snack throughout the day if you weren’t hungry enough to merit a meal – a strategy I will be employing on my own future lunch choices might I add. The only downside to this meal was that it was the first one I wasn’t a big fan of the taste of. The olives in it were, to me, a bit too overpowering to the point where their flavour had kind of seeped into everything around it (although maybe that was because I ate the meal later than intended? Food for thought). In saying that, my personal “meh” view of olives is mine alone so if you like olives you’d definitely love this as once again it was flavourful and awesome otherwise.


Tofu and Peanut Burger with Tomato Chutney and SP Chips


The seasoning on this one was amaaaaaazing. Seriously so damn tasty. Slight curry flavour to it that worked so well with all the other flavours. The sweet potato chips (yes, I did go “oooooooohhhhh sp stands for sweet potato!” because I am derp personified) had really lovely seasoning on them too – very sweet and tasty. This was one of my favourite meals of the week (and that’s a big call because frankly there were a lot of winners).

Day 4


Plum and Apple Autumn Crumble


Essentially dessert for breakfast. What’s not to love? I’m not a big stewed fruit fan but the crumble adds the crunch I love so I really enjoyed this. Not much I can add here – it was just a lovely breakfast!


Glowing Green Goddess Bowl


This was essentially a range of greens with brown rice and basil pesto. The pesto was delicious, furthering my belief that the Sukha Life girls know their sauces and dips. Cucumber, broccoli, avocado, zucchini (spiralled into noodles), another vegetable I couldn’t identify (celeriac maybe?) and what I assume was kale on the usual bed of baby spinach. Not bad at all but not my favourite meal (what? The salad wasn’t my favourite? I bet you’re all shocked and appalled).


Mexican Fiesta with Guacamole


I knew I’d love this one because I love Mexican flavours and nachos are one of my favourite things in the world. Yum. This reminded me very much of the vegetarian nachos my friends and I used to make except with fancier and tastier bean mix, which I absolutely loved the flavour of. I was very surprised by the spice of the guacamole but it wasn’t unpleasant at all. There was another type of sauce under the guacamole (a vegan substitute for sour cream I suspect?) which I was less in love with because I found it a bit oddly sweet with the other flavours but it was easy enough to avoid by just not mixing in with the rest. Props also to the girls for having the coriander piled on top so you could choose whether or not to include it (important considering the divisive nature of this ingredient haha). This was one of the few meals I happily mixed all together rather than eating tapas style and was probably my favourite dinner, as well as the only one I was able to finish the entire serving of (most likely because I’d skipped lunch whoops).

Day 5


Cacao and Peppermint Waffles


Mmmmmmmmm waffles. These were lovely. Tasted basically like choc-mint. They were sprinkled with coconut and dark chocolate chips (or possibly cacao? I know nothing John Snow) which was delicious. I confess I was tempted to add a little bit of a spread of some kind – they weren’t dry or anything at all but by nature of being waffles I guess it just felt weird not to have some other kind of topping haha. I didn’t though because hey at least trying to be healthy and they were nonetheless incredibly tasty and satisfying. Another favourite. Just writing about this makes me really want another one dangit.


Superfood Bowl with Beetroot and Pomegranate dressing


Chickpeas, sundried tomatoes, brown rice, almonds and I THINK pumpkin or squash (I’m so sorry I’m so bad at knowing what foods are – I did not consider this failing when I decided to write this series oops). I’m not normally a pumpkin fan but the dressing and seasoning on this was lovely so I got on board anyway. Once again proof that the Sukha Life girls are the queens of sauce.


Mediterranean Nourish Bowl with Basil Pesto


Brown rice, roasted capsicum, eggplant, pepitas, walnuts (or pecans? I can never tell) and sundried Roma tomatoes and what I’m preeeetty sure was sweet potato. The sauce on this one wasn’t as flavourful as the others (and I really didn’t get basil from it?) but still nice – honestly couldn’t pinpoint the flavours well enough to tell you what it was. I found this dinner a bit too similar to the lunch on offer this day – lots of roasted veggies in a similar kind of format. In saying that, still very nice!

Overall Thoughts and Final Review

So was my week of Sukha Life worth it? Absolutely. What I took from Sukha Life was not a dependence on a food preparation service. What I got instead was a recalibration. I’d been depressed and angry and sick of food and frustrated with the whole process of trying to be healthy and lose weight and was consequently stuck in a “I feel like shit so I’m going to eat shitty foods” rut. My struggles with my health and chronic pain were starting to rule my life and in the process of all that, I actually just plain forgot that I actually like eating well. Sukha Life is not about calorie counting and restriction – it’s about enjoying food but having the option of foods that not only look appealing but also are full of things that are good for you. This is the approach to nutrition that I most enjoy. I hate calorie counting and diets, but I do actually enjoy simple unprocessed foods. In seeing their meal ideas, I was reminded that food can be simple and delicious. No, I can’t cook well enough to have Sukha’s amazing dips, sauces and spices which make their stuff extra tasty, but I can certainly have a mix of raw veggies, nuts, seeds, wholegrains (quinoa and brown rice for example) in more of my meals. I LIKE these things. They’re almost always in my pantry! And yet I never reach for them or include them in meals unless a recipe specifically calls for it because it just doesn’t cross my mind to do so. Living the Sukha Life reminded me that adding these things into my diet doesn’t need to be complicated. Perhaps most importantly, it reminded me that eating healthy is just as much about what you add in to your diet as what you take out of it.

So in short, yes, it’s expensive. You probably can’t keep to it all the time. If you can, then go nuts and all power to you. But if you can’t, and you’re stuck in an unhealthy food rut, then I strongly urge you to save your pennies and just try it once for a week or a few days. In doing so, you might just rediscover the pleasure you’ve lost in eating healthy foods.

Does that mean I’m renouncing the cheeseburger addiction? No, but at least now it won’t be my first preference every time I need a quick meal. Instead I might try a smoothie or some raw carrot, cucumber, hummus, rice and lean turkey. With the added bonus that I have that stuff sitting in my fridge anyway so I won’t even have to leave the couch. Score one to me.

6 thoughts on “Sukha Life – Day 3-5 Roundup and Overall Review

    1. Thanks lovely – still sick but already on the mend so I think having eaten so much healthy food before I got sick ended up helping me a lot haha. And thank you 🙂 I definitely think it served that purpose well


  1. Feel better soon! Most of these food options sound really nice, and I’ve actually decided to make an effort to be healthier (and I’m dragging my family along for the ride, because if I have to suffer so do they, haha, just kidding). Already had a salad for lunch and swapped from coffee to tea, I think you’re a good influence!


  2. Urgh, I wish I could afford this because this meal plan is totally my thing. Love the flavours and they all look so good. Good to hear you enjoyed your week on it though and thanks for posting about it because I would have never known!


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