Review: LUSH Mother’s Day 2017 Limited Edition Collection

It’s about that time of the year again. You know, the time when florists curl up in the corner and silently weep and dream of sleep which has become little more than a distant memory. I’m talking, of course, about Mother’s Day.

In keeping with most of the big holidays throughout the year, LUSH has released a limited edition Mother’s Day collection. They’ve kindly sent me a few bits to share with you guys and give you my thoughts on.
I’ve grouped these by scent family, but there’s more to the collection so there are some gaps. It’s worth noting that if you’re keen on any of these, I strongly suggest you get in quick! They’re already available online and in store and will be available through to May 14th. I also know it’s already selling out quickly – a friend of mine tried to pick up the Baa Bar bubble bar for me in Adelaide’s store (not one I’ve reviewed here as I haven’t yet tried it yet myself sorry, but I have ordered it online!) and it was already gone. This collection seems to be largely a mix of honey and citrus scents with a hint of lavenders thrown into the mix (namely in the Baa Bar and Pink Custard) so if those kinds of scents appeal, read on!

Honey Lip Scrub – $9.95*

Is it really a LUSH collection without a lip scrub? I think not. My opinion of this is almost identical to the previous iterations: LUSH lip scrubs are great. They feel nice, they taste amazing, they can be a little messy. With their scrubs I find it’s best to just choose which flavor you like best. As you may imagine, this one has a honey flavor to it. It’s very nice, but it isn’t knocking off the Chocolate lip scrub from Easter off my top spot just yet. If you’re a honey fan though you should definitely get on board with this. Super tasty.

Scrubee Body Butter – $14.95*

This is such a fun cutie to use! Scrubee is essentially a solid body butter that you rub across your skin. It’s sort of a double whammy though as this one also has ground coconut shells and almonds in it to give gentle exfoliation as well. The shea butter and and cocoa butter do their job and it’s moisturizing, but probably not as much as my traditional body lotions from LUSH. It can tend to sort of sit “on” the skin too and takes a while to sink in. In saying that, it smells amazing. Kind of reminds me a bit of the Honey I Washed the Kids fragrance which is a favourite of mine so of course I’m all over this. The gentle exfoliation is an added bonus too – I tend to find I like this best on rough areas like knees and elbows as that’s where I find that mix of moisture and exfoliation most helpful. They’re also areas where it doesn’t bother me that it takes a while to sink in. Definitely worth trying, and I love that LUSH creates products like this with such minimal packaging. Sustainability win.

Pink Custard Shower Jelly – $7.95*

This is my favourite product of the ones that I received. Shower jellies are always a little tricky to use but once you get the hang of them they’re fantastic. I tend to treat them like a bar of soap – I find it easiest to buy them in the smallest size and just take the whole thing out of the container and use it in one big block until it gets diminished enough that this isn’t possible any more. I find that they’re as moisturizing as the shower gels and lotions, so I tend to prefer them over bar soaps (which I usually dislike the feeling of after I’ve washed them off). If you’re living in a warmer area, shower jellies are also awesome to chuck in the fridge or freezer and use cold for an extra refreshing hit (although in this weather I won’t be doing that!). This one contains lavender, tonka, vanilla and neroli, soooo long time readers won’t be surprised to hear that it’s my favourite. That’s right – it shares the oh so amazing Twilight scent which I’m absolutely obsessed with. It’s not quite the same but it’s close enough for me to really enjoy it!

Sunrise Soap – $6.95*

We’re moving away from the honey and lavender scents and into citrus territory. This is where I leave my gushing at the door as citrus isn’t my personal cup of tea. If it’s yours though, you’ll love this lot. Sunrise, like all LUSH soaps, contains a mixture of moisturizing ingredients including murumuru butter and, kind of weirdly, silken tofu. I still find, as with all soaps, that I’m not a fan of the feeling afterwards. In saying that, trying all these soaps lately is getting me used to it so I think I wouldn’t mind for a scent I enjoyed more. This one has a mandarin and tangerine oil combination which gives it its fruity smell. Definitely zingy and refreshing, just not my personal fav.

Elsie the Giraffe Bubble Bar – $10.95*

Oh how I wish I loved this scent! It’s so absurdly cute it just kills me. LUSH’s reusable bubble bars that come in this stick form also always tend to have the best value for money in terms of bubble pay off to product used ratio. My last flamingo bubble bar lasted me ages and I have a larger than standard size bath. This one has grapefruit, lime and lemon so it’s probably the zingiest of the lot. For some reason I also feel that this one smells somehow sweeter than the others. If the scent profile is up your alley then it’s definitely worth a look, but scent is personal and this one just isn’t for me. I wish it were thought because SERIOUSLY LOOK AT ITS LITTLE FACE AWWWWWWWW!

Your Mother Should Know Bubble Bar – $10.95*

A crumble style bubble bar this time, which are always fun. Again this one is in the citrus family with grapefruit oil and orange flower absolute, but it’s toned down slightly with the addition of neroli and rosewood oil. It’s not as sweet or as punchy as Elsie is. I haven’t had a chance to use this one in the bath yet but I do like the scent and I’ve always had good experiences with LUSH’s bubble bars, so I’m looking forward to trying it out.

Mum (Yellow) Bath Bomb – $6.95*

This bath bomb again falls into the citrus family with Sicilian lemon oil and sweet orange oil, but it’s tempered somewhat with the addition of rose oil. I wish I could go into more detail on this one but I actually stupidly used it whilst in the midst of a cold! It wasn’t until I had thrown it in that I realised I couldn’t actually smell a bloody thing. D’oh! Derp moment Steph. I remember I smelled it before my cold hit and again I’d thought it was nice but not one of my favourite scents courtesy of steering away from citrus (weirdly, apart from the “bubbly” shower gel come to think of it which is citrus but which I really enjoy). What’s really cool about this though is the secret surprise!
Noticed that little guy floating in my tub after I’d dropped the bomb in which I thought was a super sweet touch for anyone purchasing this for their mums. I’d pick one up for my mum for that reason alone. Too cute.

Overall, because of the citrus-heavy tones in this collection, it’s not my favourite. In saying that, scent is personal and the fact that I’m not big on citrus is just me. If those kinds of scents are your thing then you’d enjoy them. I think they make great gifts for the holiday too for whoever fits the role of “mum” in your life. My personal favourites are definitely those which fall into the lavender end of the spectrum, so Pink Custard is an absolute essential as I’m concerned! I’d also highly recommend the Scrubee because it’s just so cute and original and smells fabulous. Like I said at the start though, you definitely need to be quick. These are going fast – in fact, in the course of writing this blog post I ordered the Baa Bar online and discovered that Pink Custard is sold out both online and in the Adelaide store. I weep! You snooze you lose where LUSH limited editions are concerned.

What about you guys? Does something from this collection appeal to you?

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    1. I can’t remember what it smelled like before my blocked nose. I’m so mad at myself for not seeing the flaw in my plan when I went to use it haha.
      I also genuinely hadn’t noticed the detergent smell of sunrise… now I can’t unnotice it LOL


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