Review: Obsessed Beauty Duo Beauty Drop

The idea of silicone sponges has been pretty hyped up in the beauty world, but the results seem fairly mixed. As with any beauty tool, how well these sponges will work for you depends on a variety of factors. If you’re curious to try out the trend, then the new Obsessed Beauty Duo Beauty Drop* might be a good place to start.

So why buy this particular silicone sponge as opposed to the various others out on the market? Two very good reasons: for one, a portion of your proceeds goes to a cause I happen to think is awesome. Obsessed Beauty donates 30% of their profits to Mind Blank, an organisation dedicated to educating youth about mental health issues. You can read more about it on the Obssessed Beauty Mental Health page as well as Mind Blank’s page. The way I see it, if you’re going to try the trend anyway, then what better way to do it than to buy from an organisation that is supporting a fabulous cause? Another reason this silicone tool is worth trying is because of the addition of a sponge on one side, giving you flexibility that’s not found with other models. Read on to find out how it worked!

My results with the Obsessed Beauty Duo Beauty Drop pretty much depended on the foundation I was using it with, as well as how my skin was behaving at the time. If you’re on the dry side, I’d suggest that you might have a little bit of an issue with foundation clinging to dry patches. Because of the swiping motions you use with these sponges, it’s kind of a bit like blending in with your fingers, meaning it catches on peeling skin a little more than a traditional sponge might. I found that the addition of the sponge on the other side meant that this wasn’t necessarily as much of a problem as it might otherwise be as I was able to blot over some difficult patches. In the end it performed no worse than a Beauty Blender when my skin was dry, but it was a little bit more work.

When my skin was normal or oily was when I found the Duo Beauty Drop most useful. It feels weird on the face, but personally I think it’s quite pleasant. I can’t really describe the sensation!

How effectively it worked depended on the finish of the foundation I was using. For light coverage and heavy coverage foundations I wasn’t a fan on my skin. With the former (I used By Terry Terrybly Densiliss), the coverage stripped a little over areas in my cheeks where I had redness and texture. With the latter (I used Marc Jacobs ReMarcAble), I found that because it doesn’t thin out the heavy coverage like a traditional sponge would, it was ultimately too cakey on my skin. In fairness, I have this same problem with brushes and heavy coverage foundation so it may just be my skin. With medium coverage foundations was where I found I loved this best. I used it with the Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear (which is meant to be full but is more medium on me) and it worked perfectly. It left a lovely smooth finish on my skin, even after I added powder using the opposite sponge side.

The pros of this product are simple enough. With the right foundations it can work very well and you use about one third the product you would normally. When dealing with expensive foundations like the ones I tested it with (which I chose for exactly that reason), that can be a huge bonus over a conventional sponge or brush. The sponge side of the Duo Beauty Drop gives it more versatility than other silicone tools, although don’t expect the sponge side to function totally like a Beauty Blender as the texture and absorbency is very different. It reminds me almost more of a velour puff. The Duo Beauty Drop is easy to clean, both on the silicone and sponge sides, just make sure you rinse the sponge side well. You’re also supporting a fantastic cause by choosing this model from Obsessed Beauty.

The cons are that it does take longer to apply because you have to work with the swiping and patting motions a bit more than you might with a sponge. It also won’t work with every single foundation or skin type, but that might just be my experience with it.

Overall, the Duo Beauty Drop won’t replace my favourite brushes or sponges, but it is nevertheless another awesome tool to have in my arsenal. I find that when my skin isn’t dry and peeling, I reach for it frequently when wearing my Lancôme foundation (which is a current favourite when my skin is behaving). I like just how little product it takes to get to the same coverage I can achieve with a sponge or brush, and I like the versatility of the sponge and silicone side. Weirdly, I also just like poking it. I can’t explain just how incredibly satisfying it is to squish it. Frankly, I’d buy it just for that.

The Duo Beauty Drop was kindly sent to me for review purposes. It’s currently available for pre-order at the special price of $14.99 and Obsessed Beauty offers free shipping Australia wide. Once the pre-order finishes this month, the price will increase to $17.99. For more information, check out the Obsessed Beauty page.

11 thoughts on “Review: Obsessed Beauty Duo Beauty Drop

    1. It is a bit more work, but I do like it for the expensive foundations because I find it just uses SO much less product. I have found that my skin is so unpredictable at the moment that sometimes neither a brush nor a sponge works and this sometimes serves better. Basically I find it doesn’t replace anything but I do like having another tool handy!
      Interesting that you love the RT one! I didn’t like it LOL! Once again we clearly have weirdly different skin ;p


  1. I haven’t heard about this sponge before. I totally agree with you on how it depends on the condition of your skin what tools suit you. Thank you for your honest review.


  2. I”m a ridiculously huge fan of the beauty blender, so much so that I get really skeptical when something comes out “better than a beauty blender” I’m like ” is it going to clean my house and make me dinner? Cause that’s the only way it could be better” lol


    1. LOL I get that. I don’t think this is better but I do think it’s a good addition to the beauty tool arsenal. In saying that, I find the beauty blender doesn’t always work for me so I NEED another arsenal of tools ;p if the BB never fails you I can definitely understand the skepticism. Alas, I have yet to find something that’ll make me dinner either ;p

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I never even got that into BeautyBlenders, I am so old fashioned and love brushes. I definitely want to try a silicone sponge though and am highly considering this one after reading your post. I love that they donate proceeds to such an awesome cause!


    1. You may well like these then! I think the finish is actually more similar to a brush than a sponge (maybe because it doesn’t absorb the product like a sponge?). Definitely worth a try! Thanks for reading 😀


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