April to July Roundup – All Things How To Girl

So it’s been a while since I’ve done these monthly roundups… whoops. Truth be told, there were a few things I wanted to cover in this post which hadn’t been made public yet so I’ve been biding my time (insert evil cackle here). Now that said things have been announced (see the ever-so-creatively titled section called “Announcement” below), I’m ready to post the roundup. Not only that, but unfortunately my health took a bit of a dive so I wasn’t really in a great position to be blogging. Nevertheless, read on for what April to July brought to the table… apart from a lot of chocolate.

Like… a LOT of chocolate.


Mecca Makeup

I had my Mecca Beauty Loop Level 3 reward of a complimentary makeup lesson in April. I had a lot of fun, as I always do. The makeup artist was hilarious and my best friend came with me so we spent much of the time cracking jokes. The artist was very accommodating in using a few products that I wanted to try out on my face as well as some new things he thought I’d enjoy. He ended up creating a warm, golden “every day” look. I absolutely adored it and I’ve tried to replicate it since for work. By the time I left it was pretty dark so I couldn’t get a great picture, but here’s the best I managed:


It’s hard to tell but he was much heavier with the bronzer and peachy blush than I usually am. I ended up really liking the effect. I love using these makeup applications just for a bit of fun and to try new things.


Bowerbird Bazaar

I also attended the Bowerbird Bazaar with my friend Felicia from The Beauty and The Geek AU. I’m always forgetting that Fel isn’t originally from Adelaide, so I was kind of thrilled when I realised this would be her first ever encounter with Bowerbird.

For those of you not aware of it, Bowerbird is a market which is run in the Adelaide showground about twice a year. It attracts sellers from local and interstate and is always a great day out. Fel and I had a blast trying local cider and gin, as well as stuffing our faces with sushi and cupcakes (an interesting yet awesome combo) and generally checking out all the cool and interesting wares up for sale.

What I love most about Bowerbird is the enthusiasm of the sellers. Whether it’s about makeup, skin care, fashion, jewelry, design, crafts or alcohol, the people there are always so refreshingly passionate about what they do. Their love for their work is obvious both in the way they approach their customers as well as the products of their labours themselves. I ended up walking away with a pretty significant hole in my wallet, which actually only got worse because I couldn’t stop thinking about a particular piece and ended up contacting the seller almost two months later to order what I’d seen there on the night. There’s no shortage of quality and quirky stuff for every taste, and if you’re ever in Adelaide when one is on I highly recommend checking it out. Next market is 24-26 November, so save the date!


Caleche La Boheme Launch

I was lucky enough to attend the launch of Caleche’s La Boheme launch thanks to Everything Adelaide. I wrote a guest post over on their blog if you want to check it out! I had a blast, both at the event itself as well as writing for someone else. It’s something I’d really like to do more of.


Samples and First Impressions

I tried out quite a few foundation samples over this time and whilst I have no pretty pictures to go with it, I think it’s worth mentioning a few.

The first is the Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra 24hr Foundation. I got a small sample of this in a magazine so whilst the shade was hideously off (I think I have never looked so much like am Oompa Loompa in my life), the finish and wear was surprisingly fantastic so I ended up getting colour matched and getting another sample in the right shade. I hadn’t heard a lot of good things about this one, so I was shocked to find that after applying it with a beauty blender it looked flawless. By the end of the day, I could have done with some blotting on my nose, but frankly I’m normally a complete grease ball after a few hours and have to powder continuously throughout the day. Honestly I was amazed. I have had SUCH a hard time finding a foundation that lasts. I feel like I’ve tried all the usual recommendations to no avail. If you have trouble with wear time but hate cakeyness like me (which I get from a lot of long wearing foundations, such as Double Wear), I’d recommend picking up a sample of this. The only downside? The scent on this is intense. It reminds me of old women for reasons I cannot entirely pin down.

Another foundation sample I tried was for the Giorgio Armani Power Fabric foundation (I’m shade 5 or 5.5 depending on how much sun I’ve seen). This one has been raved about by so many reviewers and youtubers so I was curious to try it for myself. Its finish is as good as the Lancôme, but it doesn’t wear quite as well. I find that by the end of my 12 hour day it starts to separate on my forehead and I need to powder my oily nose. Interestingly, I find that it also creases in the fine lines under my eyes after a few hours. This is typical for concealers (bane of my existence) but I’ve never had a foundation do that. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good foundation and better than most on the market. In saying that, the price is extremely steep so I kind of want it to be perfect.

The last foundation I tried was the ByTerry Terrybly Densiliss Foundation. I wish I hated this. It’s so obscenely expensive but it is honestly my perfect “every day”/natural foundation. It just looks like my skin but FLAWLESS. You can’t tell you’re wearing anything and it’s packed full of excellent skin care ingredients. It won’t last for my 12 hour work day but as a weekend/lighter load day it is honestly the best thing I’ve ever put on my face. It’s just so comfortable and pretty. I hate to say it but… yeah I’ll be buying this. I’ve now tried two different samples in two different colours to get the best match and I just consistently enjoy this. I also have to use so little of it that I think a bottle will last me a long time. But at $149 a pop… Sigh. Bye money. I’ll miss you. Honestly though, this stuff is perfect on my skin. My only possible critique is the lasting time, but honestly for a lighter coverage foundation I don’t think it could do much better anyway. No light coverage is going to last my full 12 hour work day because that’s just not what they’re meant to do.



I’m excited to announce that I’ll be working with Amy from Bottled Beauty Blog and the team of Bloggers United AU as the state reps for SA for BUA. Our predecessors, Kate and Nici, have done an incredible job over their time and I feel Amy and I have big shoes to fill. I’m so grateful for all their hard work and the hard work of the BUA community so I’m super excited to step up. Watch this space for more exciting developments in that arena! And if you’re not already part of the Bloggers United Australia community, I strongly urge you go sign up for the mailing  for your state through their page here.


Life and other stuff

If you follow my Instagram you’ll know that I recently broke my camera. The insurance on it has been an absolute horror so I’m still waiting on a payout to arrange a replacement. I’ve got a backup I’m using in the mean time but my lighting gear has also been MIA for a while because I moved house. Should be getting all of the above sorted soon to allow me to be taking proper photos again!


Upcoming Fun

I was thinking of doing a blog about my move/buying a house – would that be something you guys would like to see? Otherwise, I have some reviews upcoming as well as some other stuff. As ever, I’ll continue to vary posts between life and beauty, so hopefully you’ll all continue to find something for everyone here at how to girl dot net!

8 thoughts on “April to July Roundup – All Things How To Girl

  1. I like the sound of the Bowerbird Bazzar. We have Adelaide in mind for a holiday one day so I’ll keep it in mind. Congratulations on your new role with Bloggers United AU…so exciting and a wonderful opportunity!


  2. Wait, you’re taking requests these days? Can I hijack your beauty blog and turn it into a financial blog ‘by request’? haha

    How about a financial breakdown of a makeup addiction? 😉 haha

    Much love xxx


    1. You realise the contradiction in your plan there? Who wants financial advice from someone after you break down how much they spend on makeup? 😉
      In saying that I actually did draft a post about budgeting based on the advice you gave me! But didn’t post it for precisely that reason 😂 Maybe I can interview you so it sounds like someone who knows what they’re talking about is saying it ;p


  3. It sounds like you have had a busy few months. I just ordered the GA Power Fabric foundation so I hope it sits a little better on my skin than you experienced. Also, that Mecca makeup application looked gorgeous. I love the eyeshadow 🙂


    1. My skin is pretty pernickety so I wouldn’t be surprised if it works great for you! It really is a good foundation despite not working for me personally. And thank you! I’ve recreated that eye look so many times now 😂 Loved it!


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