Review: Happy Scrub Subscription Box

If you’re the kind of person who finds the scent of coffee as alluring as most people find a giant cheesecake (or maybe that’s just me), then I’ve got a treat for you today. We’re going to be reviewing new-kid-on-the-subscription-box-block, Happy Scrub – the answer to all your morning coffee dreams.

Happy Scrub is my kind of subscription box. Based out of Melbourne, it promotes a bunch of passionate producers and brands and keeps me stocked in delicious smelling scrubs. Given my propensity to completely forget to tend to body care and consequently end up with skin like a lizard, this suits my needs perfectly. Read on to find out more!

What is it?

If you’re new to the coffee scrub game, then there’s a few things you should know first up. The point of a coffee scrub is essentially to be used as an in-shower exfoliator and, depending on the other ingredients in the mix, moisturiser. They usually contain a mix of coffee grounds and oils to slough off dead skin cells while also nourishing the skin. The premise is simple and genius and I’ve yet to come across one that doesn’t exfoliate as promised, but some are more moisturising than others. If you have sensitive skin, you also need to be careful about how hard you scrub. These are pretty intense exfoliators. In general, you also need to know that they’re messy as heck. Coffee grounds have an interesting propensity to sneak into every nook and cranny in your shower cubicle. In saying that, they’re pretty easy to wash down the drain, but be aware that you have to leave yourself a little time to rinse the shower thoroughly after use. They are, however, worth the hassle. I haven’t yet met a coffee scrub I didn’t like, and I’ve met many I loved.

Happy Scrub is a monthly subscription box that ships out a carefully selected coffee scrub and some cool Instagram-worthy shots. The scrubs themselves come from different producers each month. They’re chosen for their design, quality of ingredients and, of course, quality of the product itself.
You have the option of three different sizes of box to suit your needs. The small, 250g*, is $25 and ships at the beginning of the month with free shipping. This is the size Happy Scrub kindly sent to me for review after partnering with Bloggers United Au. You can also get a medium, which includes 500g worth of scrub, and goes for $35. The largest offers 1000g of scrubby goodness and retails for $50.
What I particularly like is that by purchasing Happy Scrub boxes, you’re supporting local and Australian as their scrubs are all from artisan makers. They’re also all-natural, contain no animal products and, according to the Happy Scrub site, are also recyclable.
As you guys already know, my feelings on “natural” products are mixed. I think there’s a lot of fear spread unnecessarily about chemicals when the reality is that unless you have specific sensitivities, most of them are unlikely to bother you. In saying that, I actually have developed some sensitivities lately and I am finding that natural products seem to be irritating my skin less. So yes, all-natural products are a must for some people, but they’re not necessarily so for everybody. The ethics of being animal product free as well as recyclable also gets a big tick in my book.

happy scrub inta.jpg

The Scrub

Happy Scrub sent me an example of what a $25 box would include. Mine came with “Bondi to Byron” Jaffa Coffee Scrub. Man did I ever get lucky with this one. Jaffa is one of my favourite scents so I was pretty keen to try this out.

This scrub contains Kona coffee, coffee Arabica seed oil, dead sea salt, coconut oil, orange peel extract, olive oil, grape seed oil, cacao extract and shea butter. And that’s it. I have to admit, it’s kind of nice to read an ingredients label and actually understand everything on it for a change. The mix is fairly self-explanatory – oils and shea butter to moisturise, coffee granules and sea salt to exfoliate. The idea is that you rub onto wet skin using circular motions and then leave it to sit for a couple of minutes for the oils to sink in before you rinse off.
The orange smell in this scrub wasn’t as strong as I’d thought it might be. I think this is because the coffee smell is so strong that it almost drowns it out a bit. It’s not a bad thing though. It’s kind of like coffee with a pleasant twinge of orange chocolate as an undertone. It’s what I imagine an orange hot chocolate (my favourite) might smell like if you dumped a double shot of espresso into the mix.
The scrub did as it was intended to do. I was sporting a little leftover fake tan at the time of testing and it did a great job of getting it off evenly rather than leaving me with a patchy peeling tan. I also always find these scrubs useful to use the morning before I fake tan as well, as my tan always goes on more evenly and less streaky after I do.
The Jaffa Scrub left my skin feeling smooth and moisturised. You will feel oil residue on your skin for a while afterwards if you don’t rinse off with a body wash afterwards, but leaving it there is sort of the point. You’ll get much better moisturising if you can live with the feeling. If you’re oily skinned though, go ahead and rinse it completely off after you’ve left it on for a few minutes.
I did notice that the granules on this scrub were a little finer than I’ve had in scrubs in the past. This isn’t a bad thing – in fact it means the exfoliation is a bit gentler which is good on my currently easily irritated skin. It does, however, mean you have to be way more careful rinsing. I hadn’t noticed that the tiny granules had collected in some dry patches around my elbow until a fair bit after I’d left the shower! So long as you’re conscious of it you’ll be fine.

Overall, I was really happy with my Happy Scrub experience. I enjoyed the product and I thought the packaging and inclusion of a postcard and little snaps was a super cute touch that appealed to my photography-loving heart. Given the cost of many high-quality coffee scrubs, I think the price is reasonable, particularly if you use coffee scrubs more regularly than I do. You can also use code “WELCOME” at checkout for 10% off your first order if you want to check it out! You can find Happy Scrub here or at their Instagram here.

Local, high quality, awesome smelling, products that work… what else can you ask for?

What do you guys think? Do you love coffee scrubs?

20 thoughts on “Review: Happy Scrub Subscription Box

  1. Ahh I’m so excited to try mine! I received the Butt Naked coconut and lemon coffee scrub and I seriously cannot wait to try it. I think what Happy Scrub are doing is so awesome in bringing the humble coffee scrub back to life with surprise and excitement. The jaffa scent does sound so good!!


  2. This sounds like an amazing scrub! I like that it is finer so it isn’t as harsh as some other scrubs out there 🙂


  3. Looks like a great subscription box. I am in love with coffee scrubs lately and this one sounds so good 🙂


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