Review: LUSH Father’s Day Collection 2017

Ahhh Father’s Day. As someone whose father is notoriously difficult to buy presents for, this time of year inevitably causes me to break out into a cold sweat of anxiety. Dare ask the man himself and the usual answer is “I don’t need anything”, as if gift giving were even based upon need. If that were the case people would be paying my phone bill for my birthday (actually… not a terrible idea really). LUSH has the answer, naturally. Today I’ll be reviewing the LUSH Father’s Day Collection 2017, which was kindly sent to me for review purposes. The collection will be available in store and online from now until September 3rd unless sold out prior.

My father himself tends to approach skin care products with a typical blokey “meh” attitude. In saying that, my mother informs me that he started using the Nivea Post Shave balm I left on his counter. Apparently he’s even gone so far as to start using the occasional face wash and moisturiser. Perish the thought! My strategy is therefore to leave these products in his bathroom and see if I can get him using them by osmosis. In the meantime, I decided to test them out for myself. I like a lot of the scents targeted a more male audience – basically my entire goal in life is to make my house smell like a pretty boy without ever actually needing a pretty boy to enter it. I’m one of those people who wants a partner just so I can choose his cologne. In the absence of that option, I’ve been searching for a candle or other scented products to fill the gaping hole in my life instead of weeping into a tub of ice cream most weekends (I’m lying – being single is pretty awesome. But so are pretty smelling boys I guess).

Because of my camera issues and hassles with the insurance company, I’ve decided to use the images LUSH provided. I hope you’ll forgive the lapse but I figured it was better to get this review to you quickly rather than having to wait until I had time to mess around with the backup camera I’m using (which doesn’t work properly with my flash in case you were wondering).


Dirty Styling Cream – $19.95


Styling cream isn’t something I can use much of as my hair is too long these days. However, I love the smell of this so I couldn’t resist. I applied just the tiniest amount of this and rubbed it into the roots and ends of my hair. It gave a cool windswept texture and look which I really liked. You can feel it, so if that “solid” sensation on your hair bothers you, you won’t be a fan (but then you also wouldn’t be using styling cream if that were the case). It’s not as crunchy as gel though. The sandalwood gives this a deep earthy smell which I adored. Not going to lie, going to keep using this just to smell it. My dad does use styling cream though so I SUPPOSE he can have it… eventually.


Smuggler’s Soul Face Scrub – $14.95

SmugglersSoul-Scrub-Hero-KD1 (1)

This has a much lighter and subtler scent than you might imagine, which I think is a huge bonus. It’s not going to put off guys who don’t like scented products as it’s very light. The little scent that’s there is a smoky sandalwood mostly. Bamboo stem also provides a really fine scrub. My eczema prone skin didn’t like the scrub (but it doesn’t like anything so that’s not a surprise) but I think it would be gentle enough for regular use on someone whose skin is less sensitive than mine. This is another one I plan to sneak onto dad’s counter.


Smuggler’s Soul Moisturiser – $29.95


Again, although scented, this product isn’t overpowering so it’s going to be appropriate for a range of guys. It contains cucumber to cool and argan oil to moisturise. It feels very refreshing on the skin and I think it would be great after something like a shave to cool an irritated face. I liked this one a lot. If dad doesn’t end up using it, I’ll probably hang onto it as a body moisturiser.


Super Dad Bath Bomb – $6.95

superdad1 (1)

I love the effect this has in the bath. So funky and cool! The smell is really interesting too. It has some citrus and woody tones, but I can also smell something in it that reminds me of rose and vanilla. This is one that you maybe wouldn’t go straight to in the store but trust me it’s worth a bath. I found it really calming and pleasant.


Modfather Bubble Bar – $7.95

ModFather-BubbleBar-Hero-GregPinch1 (1)

Now this is the kind of scent I was after. One sniff of this had both my friend and I going “ooooooh pretty boy smell!”. The Modfather contains Brazillian orange oil, but somehow the citrus scent isn’t overpowering (remember I’m not normally a citrus fan). It’s really pretty and turns the bath a refreshing bright blue. This won’t make it to dad. Sorry dad.


This range from LUSH is a great balance between what will work well for dads everywhere, as well as things you’ll probably love just because they smell nice. I particularly like the styling cream and the moisturiser for gift options. As for the bath stuff, I must confess most dads I know wouldn’t admit to taking a long hot bath (their loss – they need to start getting on board as they’re missing out), but the scents are wonderful so any bath lover can get a kick out of them regardless. Make sure you get on board before the collection sells out!


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  1. These sound amazing, I need to check these in store, definitely going to have one either for my father or husband 🙂


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