Changes – Where do we go from here?

How to Girl dot net is getting an overhaul and it’s a long time coming.

Life got the better of me so I haven’t posted in such a long time. The thing is though, we make time for the things we really enjoy, yet I wasn’t doing so for this blog. Why was that?

The answer is honestly pretty simple. This blog was never meant to be a place solely for beauty reviews and perfectly styled Instagram shots. It was meant to be an honest place where I could share all aspects of my journey of trying to know how to girl – the beauty, fashion and lifestyle yes, but also the travel, the writing, the photography, the bullshit philosophising and the attempts to assign meaning to what was happening in my life when it didn’t seem to quite make sense. The whole point of this blog was not to be perfect, but rather to embrace the absurd that is life and trying to be a functional adult and sharing that journey together.
Basically, it was largely about trying to make you laugh at me, or with me – whichever the case demanded. I wasn’t picky about which way it went.
Yet when I started, makeup and beauty was one of my passions and it drew the biggest audience. In my desire to connect with a community, I pigeonholed my blog in a way I’d never intended to and which I found difficult to recover from. It’s no secret that a perfect feed is what gets followers, but that was never what this was supposed to be about. I got so caught up in worrying about what people wanted that I stopped having fun with it and instead kept comparing my photography and feed to other people’s – and the simple reality is that I am not even capable of being one of those perfect Instagram girls, even if I wanted to be.
It also had to do with me reassessing what I wanted to share about my life and when and how I wanted to do it. I realised that, in many ways, I don’t always want the knee-jerk reaction to share to be what I do, something which years of Facebook use turned into a habit which I was horrified to realise I possessed. There are times where I actually don’t want people to know what’s going on in my head/life, and I struggled to figure out how to balance this with still wanting to keep my blog going.

So, I’m stripping back. Does this mean no more beauty reviews? No. I still love trying new stuff and I still love being blunt about my feelings about it, but it’s not going to be the only thing you see here or on the Instagram feed. I’m allowing myself imperfection, a variety of shots and a total lack of theme and aesthetic cohesion. Does that mean I might find it harder to connect with brands? Oh dear yes. I hope some will stick with me, but I understand what brings all the buyers to the yard so to speak, and it isn’t imperfection. Does it mean I might lose followers? I really hope not, but maybe.
This community was meant to be about supporting each other through shared experience. About recognising that we’re all on a different journey, but that hopefully you’ll find something useful and relatable in sharing mine with me.

With that in mind, I hope you’ll stick around and I hope I get a chance to make you laugh and maybe make you think. And if not, I understand, but from the bottom of my heart I’m grateful for the support you’ve showed me up until now.

If reviews were always more of your thing, then check out one of the following blogs that I’m a huge fan of instead!

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As for the over share part, I’m willing to see how it goes. I’ve cut my Facebook use back heavily, and here has always felt like a safer and more genuine place to share anyway. I don’t rightly know how it will play out, but I’m willing to see.

Once again, thank you for all your love thus far, and I hope we can continue to laugh and grow together.



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