Current Handbag Hangouts

I tend to carry handbags so giant that they can fit everything including the kitchen sink and a small bathroom renovation. I have, however, been trying to mend this habit slowly and I’ve consequently downsized my bag in the last couple of weeks. Alas, gone are the days where I can let twenty-plus lipsticks/glosses/balms accumulate in the depths of my bag (and no, that isn’t an exaggeration – that happened quite a lot). With this in mind, I’ve had to vastly cut back on the beauty essentials I keep on hand. I thought it might be nice to share the six products I felt I couldn’t go without – though honestly I’m still a bit nervous about no longer having that kitchen sink in there. You just never know…

  1. Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer

I would first like to point out that I find the name of this product so horrendously wanky that I have to cringe. It’s a lip-gloss. The end. Why do we need to call it a “lip luminizer”? Sigh. Anyway, this is my go-to product because it doesn’t clash no matter what other colours I’m sporting. It’s also just such a darn flattering shade AND is moisturising enough that it can substitute a lip balm in a pinch. All around winner, and for it to beat out the rest of my lip product collection as my “must have on hand” is saying a lot.


  1. Fenty Beauty Invisimatte Blotting Powder

This is a great powder to keep in your handbag. It does what it says it does – removes shine without interrupting your other makeup. It’s completely colourless so it works for everyone. It won’t add coverage though so don’t expect to work miracles if your foundation is peeling off. It’s great, however, for blotting and getting rid of shine that’s peeking through your makeup. A must have for oily skinned people like myself or those of us in warmer climates.


  1. Jo Malone Peony and Blush Suede Body Crème

I try to keep a small moisturiser/hand cream on hand and this is far and away my favourite. Heinously expensive but my favourite scent ever. I actually got this from a friend so I’ll be devastated when it runs out because I sure as heck can’t afford to replace it. One day I’ll buy the fragrance that goes with this… when I win the lottery.


  1. Mario Bedescu Facial Spray

This is a new one for me. I’ve never seen the point of facial sprays but since my skin decided it was spontaneously going to turn into the Sahara desert overnight, this has been a lifesaver. A quick spritz will help add moisture to your skin without disturbing your makeup. Very refreshing on a hot day (though I use it more in cold weather because that’s when my skin is most a jerk) and smells like Turkish delight. Mmmm… At $9 a pop for the travel size, it’s worth having on hand. Big thanks to the team at Mecca Maxima at Marion for suggesting this one for me.


  1. Hand Sanitiser (Soap and Glory)

Always. I work with children. ‘Nuff said (I mean, teenagers technically but anything involving lots of people is going to have the same problems). Currently liking this Soap and Glory one but I’m not fussy so long as it works. Funnily enough, for ages I never had hand sanitiser in my bag but didn’t worry about it because my best friend always did so I just nicked hers. I have at last graduated to being a responsible enough adult to have one of my own. I know, I know, I’m proud of me too.


  1. Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre Natural Finish Pressed Powder in Naturel (Transparent 2)

What was I saying about pretentious product names…? *cough*
Anyway, this powder is a great compact to have on hand. It’ll blot like the Fenty (though perhaps not as effectively) but unlike the Fenty it also adds coverage so it’s really useful when my foundation decides to fail. It’s also great on no makeup days just to even out redness. I used to use this all the time but I stopped because it was just too expensive, but recently when my skin went dry this was a lifesaver. It would go over my dry areas without clinging which was something no other product would do. I had hit pan on this one so I picked up a back up. I have a sneaking suspicion it’s been discontinued so I’m glad I did. Expensive it may be, but when it works, it works, and when it’s the ONLY thing that works, shhh just pay the man.

Handbag sm

What about you guys? What are your handbag essentials?


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  1. I’ve been hearing so many great things about the Fenty gloss! I always have to have lip balm, hand cream, a nail file, concealer, & eyedrops because I have horrible allergies. This reminds me I need to put hand sanitizer back in my purse!


    1. Ohhhh good idea. A nail file is a must I should add. I have SNS at the moment but I don’t normally and I always end up breaking a nail while I’m out and about. And ugh sorry to hear about the allergies 😦 I can’t go a day without hayfever pills and nasonex so I feel your pain. My eyes water like crazy but I didn’t think drops would help!


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