March Roundup – All Things How-To-Girl

It’s becoming increasingly apparent that my time to blog is usually crammed in between the twenty different lives I lead and try to pass off as one cohesive loop. I feel that this is a trait that many of us wannabe adults (i.e. people who, by definition of their age, should know how to keep their lives together but are actually faking their way through it all and hoping no one notices they have no idea what they’re doing) share – the constant juggling of work, friends, family, hobbies, interests and shiny things that caught our attention at one point or another. I feel like I consequently haven’t had time to connect with you guys the way I want to. A lot of the time, I want to fill you in on smaller things without spending 2,000 words going into the intricacies of a product or event’s good sides and bad. With that in mind, I decided now would be a great time to introduce this new feature.

Welcome to the monthly roundup, where I’ll be filling you in on whatever happenings of the month I think might make your day a little brighter! Topics will be sorted into subtitles, so feel free to scroll and choose what interests you!

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Price Gouging and Makeup Snobbery: Why I buy a lot of expensive high end crap

Someone pointed out to me recently that my favourite products tend to be high end. At the time, the person in question was laughing at my ridiculous stress-purchasing of truly absurdly priced cosmetics (Lancôme La Rose Blush Poudrer anyone?). I agreed with them wholeheartedly and laughed along, but it occurred to me later that I genuinely do have an innate bias against many drugstore products – but probably not for the reasons you might expect. It’s not that I think they’re poor quality or that I suffer some delusions of grandeur about my income which means that I feel compelled to only be seen throwing a designer brand compact into my designer brand handbag (which, of course, is from the current season *hair flip*).
So why don’t I buy a lot of drugstore? Read on!

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Review: LUSH Easter 2017 Limited Edition Collection


Is it seriously nearly Easter? I swear it was not five minutes ago that I was judging the flowers other people’s partners sent them on Valentine’s Day (which, rudely, many didn’t actually post on social media this year – totally inconsiderate). Well, if I needed convincing that it was time to get in the hot cross bun spirit then this new LUSH collection should certainly do the job.


The Range

LUSH’s Easter collection launches March 23rd and is in stores until April 17th. I strongly recommend you get on board with it as soon as possible because I’m certain some of these are going to sell out (though hopefully not before I’ve stocked up some of my personal favourites while hissing “my preciousssss”). The collection features a few returning favourites as well as a pretty huge selection of newbies too. I was sent six products to try out, but worth noting there’s also a face wash jelly (Flopsy), a shower gel (Wash Behind Your Ears) and a few gift packs (Golden Egg, Carrot and Bundle of Fun) as well as what’s pictured below. Now for the fun part!

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Review: LUSH Valentine’s Day Limited Edition 2017

Guys, guys, are you sitting down? Okay? Ready? I think I’m more excited about this post than I have been about anything other than the comfort of my own bed and not getting up at 5am since my holidays started (which are, alas, are about to finish).

It’s no secret that I am a giant LUSH fangirl. Given my love of overly luxurious baths, beauty products and cosmetics in general, this isn’t really surprising. In saying that, it’s not just the products LUSH makes that I love; as previously discussed, I’m also a big fan of their sustainable business model and the amazing charitable works they take part in. I go through a truly exorbitant amount of cosmetics (seriously, it’s becoming a problem) so for any one brand to stick out for me they have to be truly exceptional. LUSH fits that bill and then some.

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30 Days of Gym-mas

Okay so I totally missed the Christmas post train didn’t I? Actually, I feel like I’ve missed the holiday season in general. The lead up to Christmas is always an insane time of year for me right up until the week before. In saying that, I’ve somehow managed to finish all my Christmas shopping barring the last few pieces (which I need to wait until I get paid to purchase oops) so I’m starting to focus on what needs to be done. In doing that, I decided it was time for a holiday challenge!

The new year is going to be a huge time for me. A lot of changes once again and a lot of prep work that needs to go into my new job. In thinking about what I need to do, I’ve also been reflecting on what I’ve done this year and there’s one big red flag that hovers over my head feeling unfinished.

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Why You Need to Start Doing Shit Alone


Does the idea of sitting alone at a restaurant cause you to break out in hives? Have you ever missed out on a cool event because no one would come with you? Are you always late because you never want to be the first one to arrive? If any of these apply to you, sit down guys. We need to talk.

Once upon a time, I was like you. Once upon a time, I couldn’t go out to eat by myself without feeling like everyone was staring me down and wondering what dysfunction I had that meant no one wanted to hang out with me. Did I smell funny? Perhaps I spat when I spoke? Or maybe my insistence on discussing the intricacies of the breakfast I ate that morning had become annoying to others? The possibilities were endless. The first time I ever ate a meal at a restaurant alone, I honestly felt like I was walking around with a flashing sign on my head advertising “LONER” complete with bullhorn siren.

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Brands That Don’t Suck: Kismet Jardin


If you’ve been following me for a while, it won’t come as much of a surprise that Kismet Jardin made this feature. I discovered them back in March at the Bloggers United AU Adelaide event. Since then, they’ve been a regular feature on my otherwise ever-changing skin care routine (I’m generally indecisive, okay? Don’t judge me!). They’re a company that I haven’t tried a huge deal of products from but the ones I have are consistent winners.

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Boobs! A.K.A. Why you should get measured for a new bra and why you should do it at Buxom Envy

So I have a confession to make: when I put on weight, I decided bra shopping was too damn hard. I could not for the life of me find a store that stocked my size (or rather, what I thought was my size). Even on occasions where I’d decided “stuff it!” and been willing to pay a small fortune, I still couldn’t find a damn thing to fit. I was consequently really curious when I heard about Buxom Envy, a store in Adelaide which operates via appointment only.

I confess I was sceptical. Their instagram said they specialised in small back and large cup sizes but I’m a large back and average cup so I wasn’t convinced it would be for me. I shot them a message via Insta asking if they stocked things in my size and was assured that they did, so off I went to make an appointment.

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Net-A-Porter Haul!

You know what’s really fun sometimes? Pretending you’re not a real adult and throwing money out the window with reckless abandon as though you’re holding your own personal ticker tape parade. The trick is to do this in a relatively controlled fashion rather than at, say, a Fendi boutique.
This is precisely what I did recently online at Net-A-Porter. Mercifully, despite them stocking a range of brands that would send me into instant bankruptcy, I did manage to control myself. Don’t get me wrong; I definitely spent more than someone who is trying to do the whole “life” thing and save for a house should, but I didn’t add to my almost-abolished credit card debt so I’m calling it a win.
Not only did I pick up a palette, which was the whole reason the site caught my eye, but I also took the plunge and finally took my first steps into the world of Charlotte Tilbury. Sadly, I’m totally hooked.

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Dear Tom Ford: You have my attention – A ‘Nocturnal Animals’ Review

Somewhat ironically given my profession, I’m not a big movie buff. As an English teacher this is often considered sacrilege, but the fact remains that in my down time I don’t often like to think since I spend altogether too much bloody time thinking and dissecting. In this sense, Tom Ford’s new film ‘Nocturnal Animals’ tricked me and I should be pretty mad about it. Frankly though, I’m not. In a way this kind of makes sense. Tom Ford is a fashion designer slash director slash cosmetics maker slash perfume maker, so he’s sort of the result of both of my major career paths colliding in a weird artsy and potentially pretentious hybrid. This is predominantly why I saw the film in the first place. On visuals alone any fashion or beauty enthusiast will enjoy Nocturnal Animals, but there’s a lot more to be found.

The adverts for the film, starring Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal amongst others, paint it as something of a mystery/thriller. Being a fan of thrillers but appreciating that most of them don’t make me think all that much, I went into the movie expecting some interesting plot twists and maybe a bit of violence. I certainly got that, just not in the way I expected.

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