4 Quick Tips for Managing Money like a Real Adult

Correlation is not causation, but I find it interesting to note that my life has been falling apart at almost exactly the same rate that the number in my bank account has been deteriorating. Money is a part of life, but managing it is a skill which comes naturally to some people and is like learning a foreign language to others. I fall into the latter category by a country mile, yet that fact has led me to have to actively seek out people and information to help me cultivate my skills. Over the last couple of years, I’ve learned more about money than I have in the entire 26 years preceding that. Given the fact that money issues cause us incredible angst, I figured it might be worth sharing some of the quick tips I’ve picked up which have helped me get through.

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Price Gouging and Makeup Snobbery: Why I buy a lot of expensive high end crap

Someone pointed out to me recently that my favourite products tend to be high end. At the time, the person in question was laughing at my ridiculous stress-purchasing of truly absurdly priced cosmetics (Lancôme La Rose Blush Poudrer anyone?). I agreed with them wholeheartedly and laughed along, but it occurred to me later that I genuinely do have an innate bias against many drugstore products – but probably not for the reasons you might expect. It’s not that I think they’re poor quality or that I suffer some delusions of grandeur about my income which means that I feel compelled to only be seen throwing a designer brand compact into my designer brand handbag (which, of course, is from the current season *hair flip*).
So why don’t I buy a lot of drugstore? Read on!

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